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Executive Coaching is an interactive process that assists business executives in maximizing their talents, honing their leadership skills, setting goals, improving communications with others, and creating balance and harmony at work and in life. Coaching can help executives and their companies raise their standard of performance, increase efficiency, and remain competitive in today’s challenging end ever-changing marketplace.

By partnering with clients to develop a personalized program, Emerging Image, Inc. facilitates a career plan to achieve peak performance levels and offers viable solutions to unique corporate or manpower challenges.

Success is not only based on talent and achievement, but also on solid relationships. Emerging Image assists executives in becoming better leaders and managers as well as in developing tactics (and tact) when dealing with senior management, peers, and clients.

Ms. Imberman has been certified as a professional coach by IPEC.


Emerging Image, Inc. can help individuals and businesses identify strengths and weaknesses to improve personal and business goals. We help you ask yourself the “hard questions” to help you achieve focus to understand what you truly want so you can move to the next level in your career.

We can also assist you gaining greater control over how your career progresses, explore ways for you to become more valuable to your company, and develop a management style that inspires your staff to work to their optimum potential.

Tactical initiatives commonly include 360° or interview-based feedback -- an outgrowth of customized personal and interpersonal development plans.

Additionally, Emerging Image will guide you in:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Building effective leadership skills
  • Evaluating manpower
  • Optimizing team performance
  • Negotiating
  • Enhancing job performance
  • Reducing stress
  • Transforming difficult relationships
  • Prioritizing time and tasks
  • Accelerating career goals
  • Managing employees and senior management
  • Improving career satisfaction for yourself and colleagues

The Result: enhanced overall effectiveness, including improved management, interpersonal and team skills.

For more information or for a consultation, contact Arlyn Imberman.

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