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Emerging Image, Inc. provides strategic guidance and empowerment through graphology and corporate coaching services. We set the standard for ethical, professional excellence for individuals and the companies they serve.

Emerging Image, founded by Arlyn Imberman, has been counseling Fortune 100 and emerging growth companies, start-ups, and not-for-profits for almost two decades.


  Arlyn Imberman's work as an
  executive coach and advisor
  helps clients:

  • Build leadership skills

  • Take on added responsibilities

  • Get the inside track in a

  • Create effective teams

  • Enhance relationships with

    difficult bosses

                                                    ◦ co-workers

                                                    ◦ family members


    See how graphology can provide a

    number of important benefits:
    • Match the right person with the

       right job
    • Uncover hidden talents and skills
    • Assess compatibility among

    • And other useful business



    Arlyn Imberman is a sought-after speaker at
    business organizations and private clubs.

    Click the photo to see a list of lecture
    topics and venues.


Arlyn Imberman’s book Signature For Success demonstrates that graphology is a powerful tool in gaining the competitive edge.

Click the book cover to learn more.


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