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See Handwriting Samples
from the Rich and Famous!

SIGNATURE FOR SUCCESS: How to Analyze Handwriting
and Improve Your Career, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Arlyn Imberman helps readers better understand themselves and others, and thus improve relationships. The way people form letters, their fluidity, legibility, stroke, and slant are clues to their inner self. Ms. Imberman discusses the six personality types of handwriting; how to read a handwriting sample; how to improve compatibility in relationships; how to recognize the "dark side" of others; and how to make better choices when selecting day care workers, doctors, housekeepers, and other key staff. Signature for Success also features handwriting samples and analyses of famous, infamous and everyday people.

from Quill Driver Books

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“As graphology is an art form open to various interpretations, Arlyn J. Imberman, an expert in this field, offers an intriguing analysis of how one’s handwriting can reveal hidden motives and subconscious strivings not readily apparent in verbal communications between human beings.”
Warren Adler
Author of War of the Roses and Random Hearts

“If you’re not lucky enough to have your handwriting personally analyzed by Arlyn, this book should be the next best thing.”
Ben Cohen
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

“In this entertaining and often informative guide to handwriting analysis, Imberman, a graphologist and executive coach, and co-author Rifkin share their insight in how handwriting can define character.”
Publishers Weekly


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