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“The sophisticated Human Resources executives from Fortune 100 companies who make up our group were uniformly impressed with the accuracy and insight of your comments, and several of them told me specifically that they found your work fascinating. “
David A. Lord
President & CEO
Executive Search Information Services

“For myself and Jane, and on behalf of The University Club Library Associates, I want to thank you for your role in making last evening’s Spring Dinner such a great success. Already today I have received a number of phone calls from members congratulating me on the event.”
Andrew J. Berner
Library Director & Curator Of Collections

The University Club

“I want to thank you for your tremendous job in preparing your Webinar ‘How to Achieve Fool-Proof Partnering’ as part of our web conference, Virtual Pathways, for Women in Technology International (WITI). Alongside our keynote speakers Gloria Steinem and Sally Ride your Webinar and chat room information added tremendous value to our community.”
Jean Fuller
WITI Executive Services

“As you know, our members can be a bit skeptical, so we were delighted with their interest, questions and participation in your talk. Your lecture left us all with an awareness of what is involved in the subtext of a negotiation. Your actual case studies of candidates, many of whom we now work with, along with strategic advice, made the presentation even more credible.”
Michael S. Mimnaugh
Vice President, Human Resources,
Sony Corporation of America
on behalf of
International Assossiation of Certified Personal Recruiters

“Dear Arlyn Imberman: The applause following your lecture, Narcissistic Leaders, on the evening of June 2nd was thunderous! Our audience, which drew the interest of so many men as well, was engrossed in your academic, witty and participatory approach in understanding today’s leaders in juxtaposition of times past. You wove a thread of leadership through a maze of personality types that intrigued us all and substantiated your history with graphic proof of internal leadership qualities.”
Cook Brogan
Leisure Arts Committee
The Cosmopolitan Club

"Your lecture on American ‘Rogues and Heroes’ from a graphological point of view added another dimension to our autograph collector clients' enjoyment of their private collections. The audience seemed to enjoy it very much, especially since some of the analyses you provided were of handwritings being sold in our autograph sale."
Nicholas Lowry
President, Swann Galleries


“Arlyn Imberman demonstrates that graphology is indeed a powerful tool in gaining the leading edge”
Victor Imbimbo
Young Presidents’ Organization

“I can tell you that [Arlyn’s] seminar was an unqualified success. Most notably, our associates cited personal awareness and insight as an enormous benefit and a catalyst for improved communication with fellow associates.”
Gabriella Morris
Vice President, Prudential Foundation

“I wholeheartedly recommend Arlyn Imberman for corporate or individual coaching. She is extremely perceptive and able to communicate effectively, the key factors to achieving growth.”
Bernard Gershon
Senior Vice President/General Manager

“Arlyn Imberman’s insights into human behavior have assisted my staff, and especially me, in the ‘human’ side of management. She is adroit in dealing with unique personalities...”
Michael Mimnaugh
Vice President, Human Resources
Sony Corporation of America

“This is to recommend Arlyn Imberman as an executive coach. By way of background, I have known Arlyn’s work for nearly seven years. During that time, my firm and I have retained her services on several occasions. Arlyn’s qualities that have done us and our clients the most good include:
- Listening in a way that encourages disclosure
- Swiftly pinpointing key areas of strength and opportunity for improvement
- Having a knack for offering challenging advice in a way that executives can hear
- Being insightful in a very practical and useful way about the relationships between executives
- Giving advice that, while grounded in consistent principle and theory, is practical and actionable”
Allan Ackerman
Managing Director
RNW Consulting


“As graphology is an art form open to various interpretations, Arlyn J. Imberman, an expert in this field, offers an intriguing analysis of how one’s handwriting can reveal hidden motives and subconscious strivings not readily apparent in verbal communications between human beings.”
Warren Adler
Author of War of the Roses and Random Hearts

“If you’re not lucky enough to have your handwriting personally analyzed by Arlyn, this book should be the next best thing.”
Ben Cohen
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

“In this entertaining and often informative guide to handwriting analysis, Imberman, a graphologist and executive coach, and co-author Rifkin share their insight in how handwriting can define character.”
Publishers Weekly


“Big-name clients . . . regularly consult Manhattan handwriting expert Arlyn Imberman when they’re recruiting executives.”
Working Woman Magazine

“I want to thank [Arlyn] on behalf of Lloyds of London for [her] tremendous assistance. [Her] professionalism, intensity and conscientiousness were of great service to us.”
Harold J. Smith
Smith Adjusters, Inc.

“In a business where most companies place an enormous emphasis on screening out those who steal, [Arlyn’s] service has become a most valued tool.”
Howard Herzog
IJB Risk Services


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