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“In this entertaining and often informative guide to handwriting analysis, Imberman, a graphologist and executive coach, and co-author Rifkin share their insight in how handwriting can define character.”
Publishers Weekly

“If you’re not lucky enough to have your handwriting personally analyzed by Arlyn, this book should be the next best thing.”
Ben Cohen
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

“As graphology is an art form open to various interpretations, Arlyn J. Imberman, an expert in this field, offers an intriguing analysis of how one’s handwriting can reveal hidden motives and subconscious strivings not readily apparent in verbal communications between human beings.”
Warren Adler
Author of War of the Roses and Random Hearts

“Arlyn Imberman demonstrates that graphology is indeed a powerful tool in gaining the leading edge”
Victor Imbimbo
Young Presidents’ Organization

“Big-name clients . . . regularly consult Manhattan handwriting expert Arlyn Imberman when they’re recruiting executives.”
Working Woman Magazine

"Absolutely fascinating; there is no other book like it. One of the few books anywhere that one can call indispensable. Surely it will establish Arlyn Imberman as the authoritative graphologist in the world. The book will provide the reader will all of the substantive knowledge necessary to comprehend an extremely useful and entertaining field of study."
William A. Johnson
The Albert V. Danielson Professor of Philosophy, Adjunct Professor of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Brandeis University

“In a business where most companies place an enormous emphasis on screening out those who steal, [Arlyn’s] service has become a most valued tool.”
Howard Herzog
IJB Risk Services

"SIGNATURE FOR SUCCESS conveys a whole new level of passion and excitement for handwriting analysis by showing samples from famous people in the most interesting ways... Once you've learned the basics about how to spot warning signs in handwriting, it's amazingly simple to find out a great deal of information. SIGNATURE FOR SUCCESS is an inspirational gem that is fun to read on many levels: pure entertainment, thought-provoking insights, and self-improvement. I give this book my highest recommendation!"
Cynthia Sue Larson

"I had the pleasure of meeting Arlyn Imberman a year ago at which time I showed her the writing of someone I had just started dating. She gave me quite a bit of insight into this person -- including some traits that she thought could be frustrating and disappointing to me. Needless to say, within six months, I began to see some of these personality flaws at play... When I heard about Arlyn's book, I rushed to buy and read it so that I could learn more about handwriting and what it reveals. SIGNATURE FOR SUCCESS is a fascinating and entertaining book that makes the study of handwriting analysis easily understandable and accessible to anyone. What a wonderful tool for gaining insight into the people in our lives, as well as ourselves! I highly recommend this book."
Anonymous Review


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