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"I wanted to write and congratulate you on the brilliant analysis of the handwriting sample I sent you. I only wish I had asked you to look at it before I gave him money to invest! The fact that you could read in his writing that he would be brilliant and charismatic, but unable to cope with criticism, was spot on and certainly goes a long way towards explaining his suicide when his investment portfolio fell apart. Having an individual's handwriting professionally analyzed before employing them in any capacity certainly makes a lot of sense. You continually surprise me with the things you uncover from a person's writing. You amazed me with the things you told me about myself, and even your historical analysis of Rasputin's scrawl, despite it being written in Cyrillic letters. I am looking for examples of my parents' writing. God only knows what family secrets you will dredge up!"
Kenneth P. Veit
Financial Consultant

Former President Aetna Insurance Hartford

"I wanted to thank you for the handwriting analysis you did for me recently. The person whose handwriting you analyzed is someone I will be working with on major projects, and I have already seen how your insights will help me make that relationship much more productive. I appreciate your help with this -- and wish I'd known about your graphological skill sooner!"
Terry Chabrowe

eMarketer Inc.

"Thank you so much for your amazing, thoughtful and thorough presentation last evening at our home. Kathy & I were so pleased that you could not only be present, but also have the opportunity to share your expertise with some very bright, tuned in people... You gave everyone much to think about from several angles..."
Rabbi David & Kathy Gelfand
Temple Israel of the City of New York

"Thank you for a most informative and interesting program on the analysis of Edgar Allan Poe's handwriting as part of Westport Public Library's Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Poe's birth. Your PowerPoint presentation that examined the handwriting of other well-known literary figures of the 19th century was very enlightening. The audience was engaged in your presentation and enjoyed participating in examining the handwriting from the manuscripts..."
Joan Hume
Community Relations Director
Westport Public Library

"Thank you for your kindness in coming to London to give us that superb talk on Edgar Allen Poe and his contemporaries. It was so well researched and illustrated that we felt part of their lives and enjoyed the challenge of interpreting your excellent samples."
Elaine Quigley
Past Chairman
The British Institute of Graphologists

“I just wanted to say thank you for making our Citibank event on 3/26/08 a memorable one. Our clients were truly impressed with you. They could not stop raving about how much you knew about them and were astonished that you were able to tell so much about them just from their hand writing. Thanks to the wonderful impression you gave, our clients are now looking forward to our next Citibank event and wondering if you will be there.”
Diane Bissu
Financial Center Manager, Vice President


“On behalf of BNY Mellon Wealth Management I want to thank you for being our speaker at the Lawrence Hospital lunch. It was a fascinating topic! I don't think that anyone in attendance will ever look at handwriting the same way again!”
D. David Jonker
Vice President

BNY Mellon | Wealth Management

“For myself and Jane, and on behalf of The University Club Library Associates, I want to thank you for your role in making last evening’s Spring Dinner such a great success. Already today I have received a number of phone calls from members congratulating me on the event.”
Andrew J. Berner
Library Director & Curator Of Collections

The University Club

“Dear Ms. Imberman: The applause following your lecture, Narcissistic Leaders, on the evening of June 2nd was thunderous! Our audience, which drew the interest of so many men as well, was engrossed in your academic, witty and participatory approach in understanding today’s leaders in juxtaposition of times past. You wove a thread of leadership through a maze of personality types that intrigued us all and substantiated your history with graphic proof of internal leadership qualities.”
Cook Brogan
Leisure Arts Committee
The Cosmopolitan Club

"Your lecture on American ‘Rogues and Heroes’ from a graphological point of view added another dimension to our autograph collector clients' enjoyment of their private collections. The audience seemed to enjoy it very much, especially since some of the analyses you provided were of handwritings being sold in our autograph sale."
Nicholas Lowry
President, Swann Galleries

“As graphology is an art form open to various interpretations, Arlyn J. Imberman, an expert in this field, offers an intriguing analysis of how one’s handwriting can reveal hidden motives and subconscious strivings not readily apparent in verbal communications between human beings.”
Warren Adler
Author of War of the Roses and Random Hearts

"My most heartfelt thanks for your expertise and sensitivity when you interpreted the handwriting and letters of my parents. I was able to get a better understanding of them as individuals and as a couple. I wish I had met you sooner. I hope others are lucky enough to benefit from your skills."
Carole Mallement

“If you’re not lucky enough to have your handwriting personally analyzed by Arlyn, this book should be the next best thing.”
Ben Cohen
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

“In this entertaining and often informative guide to handwriting analysis, Imberman, a graphologist and executive coach, and co-author Rifkin share their insight in how handwriting can define character.”
Publishers Weekly

“Big-name clients . . . regularly consult Manhattan handwriting expert Arlyn Imberman when they’re recruiting executives.”
Working Woman Magazine

“I want to thank [Arlyn] on behalf of Lloyds of London for [her] tremendous assistance. [Her] professionalism, intensity and conscientiousness were of great service to us.”
Harold J. Smith
Smith Adjusters, Inc.


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