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Handwriting is a remarkable reflection of a person’s true, but often hidden character. Since handwriting emanates from our unconscious, our emotions and state of mind influence the way we form our letters.  Handwriting is, in essence, “body language on paper.”

Handwriting analysis is the ability to decode from the pattern on the page a writer's energy, state of mind, and potential at the time of the writing. From a multifaceted understanding of human behavior, a graphologist can draw a unique portrait that involves the writer's character and life experiences. This is obtained by looking at the movement, space and form of the letters on the page. It is a bit like watching a photograph develop before your eyes.

Handwriting analysis or graphology can help to assess compatibility among individuals and point out signs of conflict, anger, anxiety or melancholy before they arise. Graphology can also match the right person with the right job and other useful business applications by determining an employee's sincerity or lack of integrity, and uncovering hidden talents and skills.

Graphology has been studied and practiced for centuries, and its roots are based in psychology. It is seriously used in investigative work, business, and counseling. Fortune 500 companies, police departments, insurance companies, and other respected organizations have benefited  from  its applications.

Europeans have viewed graphology as a serious business tool for centuries. In the United States, businesses, universities and government bureaus often turn to graphologists to learn more about employees and students as well as to uncover vital clues in criminal investigations.

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